Vision / Mission



The staff at Woody's RV World values taking care of you, our customer, and our team is able to do so thanks to our company's commitment to customer service and the proper training to facilitate that initiative.

It's not just about selling an RV, it's about buying into the comfort, convenience and community of a full-service dealership. The team at Woody's RV cares about creating a seamless, connected and valued experience for everyone involved. 

What makes our current journey even more exciting is the growing sense of community among all of us - manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, staff and of course our customers. No longer are we just a collection of companies and consumers, we're a vibrant, interconnected community sharing common goals and challenges.

We are not just one employee, or one team, or one department or even one dealership. We are a collective group of empowered individuals all striving with every available resource to achieve our customers mission:

Where to next?


Since we built the first Woody's RV World store in Red Deer in 1986 we've worked hard to perfect a great recipe for customer satisfaction, based on the company mission statement that reflects our high standards. 

Our Mission Statement is simple: "To enhance lifestyles by providing leading edge products supported by a team of professionals committed to exceeding our customer's expectations."

Whether in Alberta or British Columbia every Woody's RV World location across Western Canada strives for the same tireless and consistent execution of our mission statement.

Everybody at Woody's RV World is HERE to help you get THERE. Regardless of where you call there, the entire team at Woody's is With You All the Way!