Buying New VS. Pre-Owned

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If you are in the market for an RV the first choice you need to make is whether to buy a new RV or a pre-owned RV. This is often a preference choice if you purchase the RV from a dealership. However, if you buy a used RV from a private party, you could run into all types of problems including appliances that don’t work, an engine that doesn’t run right or has a million miles on it, or the electronics not working properly.

If you purchase a used RV from a dealership such as Woody’s RV World, you have peace of mind that all systems have been checked. Thus, you need to look at other pros and cons of buying new or pre-owned.

New RVs

It goes without saying that new RVs can be expensive. You’ll most likely have a payment on a new RV unless you come into some money or manage to save enough to buy a new RV outright. Unless there’s a factory problem with the systems, which is rare, you know that everything in the new RV works great and will last a long time.

Pre-Owned RVs

Buying a pre-owned RV is better on your pocket. However, if a system is working, most dealerships won’t replace that system. That means it could break at any time. For example, if a hot water heater generally gets a certain number hours; you have that number minus how much it has already been used. In most cases no one knows how many hours a system has been run. If a dealership suspects that a system has been used extensively, it might replace that system to ensure that the customer isn’t back in the shop after the first trip.

The biggest benefit of buying a pre-owned RV is that it doesn’t do as much damage to your pocket as buying new. If you look enough, you could find a pre-owned RV that looks brand new, especially if you aren’t fussy about getting the latest and greatest accessories such as televisions.

When you stop by Woody’s RV World, be sure to walk through both new and pre-owned RVs – you just might find something that works for your family that is pre-owned – you could get a much larger RV for a lot less money.